Watchable Playlist: This Week in WTF

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  • Ah, another week another Weekly WTF playlist from Watchable. Last week’s had quite a few fantastic WTF stories, and this one is no slouch either, as we get a heaping helping of WTF, WTH [what the hell] and HBW [hu buh whaaa?]. Now let’s move forward.

    Our first story in our weekly WTF round up concerns are beloved boob collecting cloth the Ta Ta Towel. The Ta Ta Towel was designed to pick up boob sweat and looks absolutely surreal when its being worn. It’s a WTF, but it’s also too much of a WTF for some people as the Young Turks were shown being absolutely baffled by it. Young Turks! It’s the Ta Ta Towel! A towel for ta ta’s! What is there to understand or not?!

    Our second story — Usher continues to be sued by those to whom he did not disclose his herpes status to! Usher, there’s only one rule of herpes — disclose, man! The fact that he refused is not super great, and not super great from an R+B singer is quite a common trait in this week’s WTF as Chris Brown commented with the eyes looking left emoji on an Instagram of Rihanna. Chris Brown. Come on. Why are you making us all feel awful.

    And lastly, the fourth WTF concerns a graveyard in the Phillipines that was turned into a slum. Ahh! Spooky!

    What do you think of these WTF’s? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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