Is NETFLIX Causing Us To Have LESS SEX?

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  • What’s more fun sex, or that one episode of Daredevil in the hospital where he fights off all those ninjas? Most of us would say sex— despite just how good that darned episode was. However, according to a recent study — sex having is on its way down, and one researcher, Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me thinks this is due to the constant stream of entertainment distracting us — including Netflix.

    It’s not THAT much less sex! Apparently the number for couples lowered from 60-62 times a year to something in the low 50’s! That’s just a few more nights watching that great “Oh Hello!” special! That’s not the worst! But whatever happened to Netflix and Chill though? Isn’t the great millennial trend to watch Netflix and copulate? Such a confusing world.

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