Pantone Awards Prince His Own Shade of Purple

Prince gave a lot to the color purple... now purple is ready... to give back...
By Alex Firer
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  • Prince has always been known as “The Purple One”, but the Pantone Color Institute — the authority on such things after all, and one of the few places that can designate a new shade — has create a shade of purple to honor the great musician who passed away in April of last year, known as “Love Symbol #2”, which is a reference to the symbol that Prince used for the longest time in place of his own name.

    Watching the great rock musicians be honored in such real world ways is always great. Wasn’t it just recently that a moth was named after David Bowie? And now, when you look for paint to color your house you can go “Hmmm… do I feel like coloring my house after a great and sexually fluid musician who changed the world and ruled our minds? Well, then I gotta go with Love Symbol #2”. Beautiful.

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