Kim Kardashian Apologizes For Defending Racist Comments

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  • Kim Kardashian is apologizing for telling her fans to get over racist remarks made by make-up artist Jeffree Star in the past.

    The entire mess starts with the launch of Kim’s new line of KWW powdered makeup. Jeffree Star, who has had an enormous social media following ever since Myspace, is well-known for his music, his YouTube beauty vlog, and his makeup line Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

    Things got tense when Jeffree criticized Kim’s new powdered makeup line. Kim had a bit of a fail while trying to show off the colors by swatching them onto her arm. Jeffree tweeted a photo of Kim’s Snapchat, asking, “Umm… Kim what is going on with those new swatches?? Looks like chalk.”

    Kim took the criticism about her swatching in stride.

    However, some Kim K fans are not happy with Jeffree Star, particularly for racist remarks he has made in the past.

    Kim recently posted two videos, defending Jeffree Star to her angry fans, calling them petty and calling the act of calling some racist worse than saying something racist apparently. Jeffree Star also seemed to get mad at the fans for “dragging up his past”.

    But, Kim’s fans are not as ready to forgive as Kim is and Kim posted an apology as well, saying she wasn’t fully aware of the situation.

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