Top 5 Ways to HACK Your Relaxation

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  • Folks, you know your life? Well, it’s time to hack yo life, my friends, and learn how to relax in a series of brilliant little ways. This week we can life hack your relaxation. For example, did you know taking a very hot bath — 104 degree water — can burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk. My goodness! Forget exercise! It’s soaking my body in a bunch of hot water for me, now! Then there’s the liquid chill smoothie, where every ingredient will help you be more relaxed! All of them? You heard me right! Drink that relaxation buddy! Then there’s the Levitat — a yoga mat combined with a hammock so you can just relax in the air! But maybe you just have some good old fashioned anger to let out. In that case, you should visit Poland’s “Rage Room” where you can smash objects with a sledgehammer.

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