White Supremacist “DailyStormer” Removed from YouTube, Site Shut Down

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  • White supremacist website The Daily Stormer has been shut down by GoDaddy and their channel has been removed from YouTube.

    The Daily Stormer, which took it’s name from a Nazi tabloid newspaper, regularly featured racist memes and other internet content. The site has been described as “Drudge Report for Nazi sympathizers and anti-Semites.”

    This year, the Southern Poverty Law Center called the Daily Stormer the Top Hate Site in America. The site was founded by white supremacist Andrew Anglin, who concieved the Daily Stormer as neo-Nazi propaganda

    In the wake of the events in Charlottesville, many online protestors moved to have the hate site shut down.

    When journalist Amy Siskind asked GoDaddy responded, “We informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service.”

    GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving told CNBC that they try to protect free speech, but the Daily Stormer has crossed a serious line, saying — “When the line gets crossed and that speech starts to incite violence, we have a responsibility to take that down.”

    What did the Daily Stormer do when they found out they were losing their hosting? They acted like they were hacked.

    After getting their digital eviction notice, The Daily Stormer made their site appear like it was being taken down by Anonymous, the secretive hacker group. The fake hacked website included such self-aggrandizing lies as “It took a united force of elite hackers from around the world to breach the systems and the firewall.” 

    The real Anonymous says it wasn’t them, and adds…”We find claim that it took a “UNITED FORCE OF ELITE HACKERS” to hack a CMS run by amateurs incredibly amusing.”

    Now, other tech companies are following GoDaddy’s lead and pulling the plug on The Daily Stormer. Daily Stormer’s YouTube channel has been removed and their Twitter account has been deactivated for violating community guidelines…finally.

    Now that one of the biggest mouthpieces for hate online has been shut down, the internet is rejoicing. As for the creeps from the Daily Stormer, they’ve fled the country, and are now being hosted by Russia, in case the current era was much much much too subtle for you.

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