Opening Red Sox Pitch Hits Man In Baseballs

It's going to be a great season, you guys.
By Alex Firer
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  • This video is hard to watch for two reasons — for one, a man is hit in the balls by a poor pitch coming from a Fenway pitcher, and the other — as a Bostonian and Red Sox fan I’m going — h’oh boy, is this a bad sign for the season ahead? The opening pitch just hit some random dude in the balls? Is that going to be us watching the upcoming Red Sox games!? Is this an omen!? Should we just call off the season? Ho boy.

    The pitcher was Jordan Leandre — a man who’s kind of famous for his Red Sox love, having sung the national anthem at games and appeared in the Red Sox loving movie, Fever Pitch. Today however he has made Red Sox history by hitting a guy in the balls. The video has since gone viral, and Jordan has had a good laugh about himself and the ridiculous pitch.

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  • And the man hit in the balls? A photographer, and buddy does he have a photo. I call it — man about to exist in the realm of America’s Greatest Ball To The Balls legend. Here we go!

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