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  • Following a tumultuous week where the president apparently supported white supremacists, we have a small win as the president’s famously white supremacist advisor Steve Bannon, one time editor of Briebart, has parted ways with the White House. The firing, not unlike Anthony Scaramucci’s came following a supposed off the record interview he did with American Prospect where he was heard disagreeing with Donald Trump on many issues. He’s given credit for Trump’s much loathed “America First” policy.

    His departure is a welcome one, especially as there is continued pressure on Trump to— you know— do the bare human minimum and not support nazis? Will he stop supporting nazis!? Probably not — and of course, Trump kicked Bannon out himself, even going as far as to ending his now infamous press conference with a “We’ll see” — so what his departure exactly means is yet unknown. But for now, we can celebrate this.

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