Guinness World Records Releases Video of WORLD’S BIGGEST ROBOT DANCE

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  • What Guinness World Record would you most want to beat? Most ice cream eaten? Most giant weights lifted? World’s smallest robot dance!? Well if that last one is on your radar, I have terrible news — no, no, no! The world’s smallest robot dance shall not be taken! Instead, the biggest robot dance shall be undertaken! Robots! Dancing! World! Record!

    The robot dancing world record was achieved by showing 1,069 robots all dancing together in Guangzhou, Guangdong China. The robots are known as Dobi models and can not only dance, but also sing, box, play football and do kung fu. Kung fu robots! Our little child like hearts are full to the brim! Oh dancing robots, truly you fill our heart with the world’s happiness! Dance, my metallic friends, dance eternally with your robot limbs into our hearts. And someday, someday, the world’s biggest robot kung fu fight will also inspire us. We gotta make the most out of this technology, after all!

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