By Alex Firer
Some say it's to prepare her fans for the announcement of a new album.
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • How!? What!? Buh!? How could Taylor Swift make like her hit song from three years ago and just “shake it off”— with the it in question being her— social media presence! That’s right, folks, her entire social media presence — gone! Her Instagram, her Twitter feed, her Facebook page, even her website! That’s right, her website has gone completely black! Gasp! Fans have been clamoring and panicking — what could this be about? Taylor Swift is remaining secretive, but there are clues here and there — clues that this could all be leading up to her latest album.

    Many are wondering if this could all be leading up to the release of a new Taylor Swift single. It IS after all the third year anniversary of her hit single Shake it Off, and with a TV appearance scheduled for tomorrow. Could it be? More music from the legendary pop artist! Gasp! We can hardly wait! Come on Taylor! Give us the good tunes!

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