Sheet Masks For BUTTS and BOOBS?!

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  • The obsession with sheet masks has companies making them for your butt and your boobs. I mean, last week we covered the Ta Ta Towel that keeps your boobs nice and dry, and now we’ve got sheet masks for your boobs to keep them nice and moist.

    Gosh…. what do companies thing people with boobs want, wet boobs or dry boobs? There’s this 24k gold collagen boob mask that you can find for under $10 on amazon!

    The description of the product reads: “It’s main ingredient Butea Superba acts on the skin of the breasts giving firmness to the tissues and a uniform hue” So… if your boob skin is looking like a few different hues….. this might be the product for ya!

    But hey we’re not just talking boob masks, but butt masks too. Nannette de Gaspe (gaspay) specializes in expensive masks of all sorts and she sells both a bust mask AND a tush mask. For a whopping $175 dollars the tush mask claims to “re-shape the contours of the buttocks area while restoring firmness, suppleness and bounce for a visually more sculpted tush.”

    If you were also expected the butt mask to cover the entirety of the booty, you’re not alone. And guys it doesn’t end there. You could find a sheet mask for almost any body part you think of. There’s the elbow sheet mask! This weird stomach sheet mask. This leg mask. And this V-Zone patch which I guess is your chin?

    And Refinery29 reported last month that if you find a nice n’ natural sheet mask you can even use it to calm razor burn on your vagina!

    So would you try out a sheet mask for your private bits? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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