STRANGEST Places People Have Been Caught Have Sex

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  • Sex: you’re probably thinking about it right now. Finding that special someone you want to hook up with can be an amazing feeling. But sometimes, couples can let the moment carry them away. This is our list of the Strangest Places Couples Were Caught Having Sex.

    During the Mets vs. Cardinals game in July 2017, a couple was caught bonin’ in the bathroom of New York’s Citi Field.  When the video went viral during the game, one baseball fan realized she was sitting right next to the couple. When asked for proof, she tweeted this photo of their recognizable shoes.

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  • There’s one place that attracts couples more than others… the ATM vestibule.

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  • This couple from Mexico was caught getting busy in an ATM while others waited to use the cash machines. A couple from Pakistan also were seduced by the seclusion in the ATM vestibule, and in Spain, one could barely contain themselves while trying to make a withdrawal.

    Ahh, cash… the ultimate aphrodisiac.

     A couple of total strangers were filmed having sex while drunk during a Ryanair flight to Ibiza. On his way to a bachelor party in Ibiza, a UK man met a woman on his flight and soon, they were joining the Mile High Club.

    You would think if you were going to have sex on a plane, you would be more discreet….

    Another horned-up couple were caught by security cameras having sex while in a Dominos. There’s just something about a Dominos store, the smell of the cheesy bread, the harsh lighting…  The woman ducked behind the counter to get her man started, then they began to have sex while ordering with the cashier.

    Even when you’re ordering for pick-up, you still have to give a tip… sex jokes!

    Someone call the cops already! Actually don’t.

    In New Mexico, a state trooper was caught having sex while in uniform!

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  • Bananas!

    How can you make sex in a car more dangerous? Do it while driving! In the rain! On the highway!

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  • This couple was caught in the act while driving an SUV through the rain.

    Talk about “slippery when wet….” Seriously though, that’s super dangerous.

    Speaking of driving, next time you get in an Uber, make sure your driver didn’t pick up a prostitute too.

  • This Uber driver was making out with a female passenger in the front seat, then she suddenly performs oral sex on the driver. When the passenger complained to Uber, they gave him a ten dollar credit.

    And at the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair, a couple was filmed having sex in the bleachers of of an open air arena Many people were shocked, especially when the local news showed the photo around the fair on an iPad!

    What do you think of all these public sex havers? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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