Wow, Donald Trump Has Bankrupt The Secret Service

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  • Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. The president who we think will someday stop surprising us shocks us again with his absolute— you know. Not greatness. What is it this time you may ask? Apparently the president has bankrupt the Secret Services due to the size of his family that needs protection, the security of Trump Tower and his constant, constant, near constant golf trips or vacations. Hell, reportedly the Secret Service spent sixty thousand on golf carts ALONE. And you know who owned the golf carts? Folks, they were part of one of Trump’s many properties. How does this happen! How!

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  • The Secret Service has spent its annual budget in just seven months. One of the greater expenditures is just the amount of people Trump has hired protection for — with 42 people being above Barack Obama’s 31. Apparently they’re not the only ones feeling the crunch due to Trump’s exorbitant lifestyle. The local sheriff in Palm Beach reportedly has spent $60,000 in overtime protecting Trump during his trips to the Mar-a-Lago. So to reiterate — Trump has went on so much vacation time it has bankrupt the taxpayer funded secret service. Big move for a Republican who could not shut up every time Barack Obama took a short vacation. Insane.

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