Couple Caught Having PUBLIC SEX Arrested for IDENTITY THEFT

And it all went down... in a WalMart parking lot.
By Alex Firer
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  • Look, we know our audience here at What’s Trending. You weirdos love your public sex stories! Heck, we did a whole listicle video about them just this weekend, so we have a treat for you. How often does a public sex story contain a… surprise? Well this one does. When a young man and woman (only 22 and 21, respectively) were caught in a Pennsylvania WalMart parking lot having sex, they were busted also for something much more shocking — identity theft!

    The couple was found with a counterfeit credit card machine, and seven fake credit cards and drivers licenses with the man’s photo on them but completely different names. The couple was charged with seven counts of identity theft and conspiracy to commit identity theft, not to mention possessing marijuana. Frankly, we expected the public sex to be the most salacious part of the story, but this revelation!? Wow! Our only question — why would you be committing so many obvious crimes at once and in public! Why!

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