Zach King, Pugs Create Fun Videos About Eclipse

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  • Here’s how the eclipse REALLY happened — at least according to YouTuber and ex-Viner Zach King, who made a fantastic special effect video showing the more technical — maybe less naturally wonderful — tale of the eclipse. In the video we can see two electricians walking towards the edge of a cliff with a ladder held firmly in hand. The two electricians set the ladder up and climb up and then— REMOVE THE SUN!? Oh no! The world is plunged into darkness! Is this the eclipse we witnessed!? The video jokes about such things as the electricians then replace the massive light in the sky with another bulb — keeping the lights on for America!

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  • This wasn’t the only eclipse trick video! Check out this pug eclipse! Oooh! Ahhh! Oh the beauties of pugs! How could anyone deny it!? Cute little pups! Awww.

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