Sarah Jessica Parker Absolutely BLOWN AWAY by Eclipse

If only we could love anything as much as Sarah Jessica Parker loves this eclipse.
By Alex Firer
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  • Sarah Jessica Parker is many things — a brilliant actress, Sex and City star, and as of now — unbelievable eclipse enthusiast. Sure, we all had amazing reactions to the eclipse, but Sarah Jessica Parker’s was on another world. She posted her reactions in a series of Instagrams. The first was fairly normal, as she, her husband Matthew Broderick, and a slew of friends head out into the middle of the ocean to gaze at the sky.

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  • Then— she puts on her eclipse glasses and the wonderment begins. The beauty. The awe of the moment when the sun will be blocked out and the wonder of nature will begin in earnest — and when it does — and Sarah Jessica Parker records her reaction to it— the results are adorable and unbelievable. Her hushed voice at the beauty of nature has taken the internet by storm as she expresses — more or less— how we all feel. Nice.

    I wonder if the South Carolina Lizardmen liked the eclipse too.

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