TOE WRESTLING Is A Real Sport In England

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  • The 31st annual World Toe Wrestling Championships took place over the weekend in the small English town of Fenny Bentley. The competition was first created in 1974 because of the UK’s struggle to produce any world champions, but then in the 2nd annual event, a Canadian visitor competed and won so they were like “welp that’s that sport cancelled.”

    But after a 10 year hiatus it was brought back and now it’s a staple of Fenny Bentley. Toe wrestler of the world, unite!

    The rules go as follows:

    1. Remove shoes and socks this game is a barefoot time. Just an FYI it’s “common courtesy” for the opponents to remove each others shoes and socks.

    2. Link toes and connect the bottoms of your feet together.

    3. Trap the other person’s foot for three seconds

    4. Best 2 out of 3 rounds takes it.

    5. Win toe wrestling and tell all your pals about it.

    The men’s competition was won unsurprisingly by Nasty Nash. This was his 14th win. He described the win saying, “That was just a walk in the park again – normal day at the office.” Walk in the park… you do that with toes as well!

    And Rebecca Beech won the woman’s competition, the previous winner being her own mother. How sweet, bruh. Like mother like daughter.

    Oh and just so you know everyone’s feet are examined by a podiatrist before being allowed to compete. Good job, to whomever is tasked to do that. Congratulations.

    Would you guys compete in toe wrestling? When should it be an olympic sport? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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