Martin Scorcese to Produce Joker Origin Movie For DC

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  • As the DC film universe looks to its future, and the changes it’s going to undertake, we gotta say, this is not one we were expecting! DC is planning a Joker origin movie — one NOT starring Jared Leto maybe! The movie is to be a prequel, telling the beginnings of the Joker’s story — in 1980’s Gotham City and will be written (and possibly directed maybe?) by Hangover director Todd Phillips and, crazily enough, produced by legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese. Wild! So what kind of movie is this going to be anyway? A gritty origin story? A stylistic weird comedy? And who’s going to play the Joker? Look, it’s not for us to give casting ideas, but Zach Galifinakis worked so well with Todd Phillips on The Hangover— why not— bring that back? Ah? Ah?

    So far the movie is only an announcement, and there isn’t a ton of planning done for it to date outside of the pitch and the idea. Likewise, for DC comics purists this is a very new thing — the Joker’s origin has always been partially special due to its shrouding in mystery. Likewise, hiring a comedy director and seemingly setting the movie so far outside the continuity of the DCU is certainly a callback to how films used to be made — more as stand alone as anything else. Still, we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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