Man Puts Sock on Hairdryer, Makes Sock Look Like Dick

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  • Science is an all important force in our day to day life, as is the nature of curiosity and experimentation. We must make queries, we must explore into things which seem curious, which seem as if they’ve been unexplored. Such was the thinking, no doubt, behind this brilliant amateur scientist who put a sock on the end of a hairdryer and found out the sock looked like a dick. Then he had to share his results with his fellow researchers on Reddit, the website where a video of a hairdryer with a sock looking like a dick on it turned out to be the most popular video of the day.

    Much like Salk accidentally invented penicillin, I am sure the discovery of the “sock on a hair dryer looking like a dick” will rock the scientific community to its very core. But what of the x factors? Will any old gym sock work? Must it be that specific model? If we put it in reverse will it look like female genatalia? So many questions. Not enough answers. Let’s call up MIT. We must get our best scientists on it!

    What do you think of this excellent video of a sock that looks like a dick? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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