Little Girl Takes Over News Broadcast

By Alex Firer
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  • During a segment about her brother’s milk allergies, young toddler Iris took over the ITV Lunchtime News, cracking up host Alistair Stewart. During a very serious discussion about food allergies, Iris explores the studio. It’s very cute, and soon she is shooed away, but just when you think little brother George might have the spotlight, Iris is back to steal the show.

    Her comedic timing is impeccable! Iris comes hopping in like a little bunny at the most serious possible moment, she climbs on the table completely ignoring everything going on. She’s got an allergy to milk too, but it didn’t stop her from being silly! Good work, Iris, good work!

    No offense to little George, but I think they might be interviewing the wrong kid.  This adorable toddler TV takeover soon went viral! It’s so cute watching normal every day seriousness be broken up with the cuteness of toddlers. Remember when it happened during that adorable BBC interview when two kids just came sauntering in?? Awww.

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