FIGHT Breaks Out During Yankees/Tigers Baseball Game

Forget batting average, whose team can punch better!?
By Alex Firer
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  • Folks, when we look for fights at baseball games, it’s usually between two drunken fans angry about what arbitrary team they feel represents them the best — we never see it between the players. Wait, let me clarify that — we never see it between ALL the players! Oh my gosh! The fight started between Yankee catcher Austin Romine and Detroit Tigers designated hitter Miguel Carbera with the two pushing each other, and then rolling on the floor and fighting. And if that wasn’t enough, as you can see from the video, it gets worse. The rest of the team runs out to brawl with the team — or pull them apart? It’s not sure. But seemingly almost both teams got almost entirely benched.

    What will this weird game look like with so few players? Why did this fight break out in the first place? Guys, bring that rage with you to the game not just rolling around on the field! Folks, we are here to watch you play baseball! Get playing, come on guys! Ugh!

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