Katy Perry’s ‘Swish Swish’ Music Video Gives Us ‘Space Jam’ Vibes

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  • Katy Perry’s legendary feud with Taylor Swift has yielded a lot of different great things — but the release of the weird, cartoonish and highly ambitious music video “Swish Swish” a day before Swift’s, to try to beat her in the numbers is — as they say — a situation where the audience wins. The video for Swish Swish is so odd and fantastic. If you’re a fan of Tim and Eric, cartoons, Space Jam or general weirdness, you will find a lot to love here.

    The nearly six minute video shows a short story about Katy Perry’s basketball team made up of cartoonish nerds going up against a team of cartoonish tough guys. We see Katy Perry get bonked in the head and see stars, we see someone sweat so hard a muscleman slips on her sweat and goes flying. We see cameos — cameos left and right, from SNL’s Molly Shannon to Terry Crews to the cast of GLOW to, most importantly, Popeye’s arm.

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