Alec Baldwin RETURNS to SNL to Play Trump

And says good bye to Skeleton Bannon to boot.
By Alex Firer
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  • Alec Baldwin’s now Emmy Nominated version of Donald Trump, a sagging skin bag that’s permanently squinting — wether it’s from a stare into the eclipse or not, we have yet to know. Whenever SNL trots out its Trump sketches it’s always a big deal, and an even bigger deal when it’s done in the context of its now weekly Weekend Update. (Weekends? on a Thursday? If you say so…). Baldwin’s Trump came on to promote talk about his historic eclipse stare, point out the one black guy in his audience (played wonderfully by a mercenary Kenan Thompson), and then he bid farewell to one of SNL’s most beloved characters… Steve Bannon as played by a man in a skeleton costume. Good bye, skeleton Bannon. You were racist as all hell, so you won’t be missed, but now the real question is— will Bannon try to take down Trump or keep whipping up his super bigoted base? Or both? I don’t know! That’s a question for later. For now, let’s just enjoy some sketch comedy!

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