Here is Every Song of the Summer Since 1958

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  • Sure, right now Despacito is more or less defining how we’re spending our summer, but did you know that’s far from the only song of the summer. Why, ever year we’ve had a summer we’ve had an incredible, crowd pleasing song to go along with it. MetroLyrics helps us celebrate all those sweet summer tunes. Go back in time, starting with Despacito — then as we keep going backwards — holy heck, was Blurred Lines a whole four years ago? Then time goes weirder and the styles change more and more and more.

    For example, The Doors had the song of the summer!? I guess it makes sense, it was during Woodstock after all! And 1965 gave us a Rolling Stones song instead of a Beatles song? To quote another beloved 1960’s mainstay — “Weird, wild stuff.” Oh, indeed friend! Indeed!

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