Woman Becomes Internet Hero for Beat Down on Racist Lady

By Alex Firer
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Colleen Dagg, a 23 year old from Florida, is being hailed as the internet’s new hero for the beat down she gave another woman over racist comments. This fight in the video above is pretty graphic, so be warned.

    In the caption on this Facebook video, the poster explains the lady in the blue sundress said something racist about Haitians and Colleen was not having it. The video starts rolling as Colleen takes off her shoes… So, you know she meat business.

    Now, unprovoked violence is very bad and doesn’t make you a hero. But, If a person is saying racist nonsense, and threatening to shoot you in the face… Well, at that point, I can see why the internet is celebrating this person. The clip clearly went viral. For many people, Colleen became a hero for standing up to racism, even when that racist voice was trying to scare her into shutting up

    After Colleen’s flurry of fists, the racist woman in the video gets back up and claims she’s pregnant. The police charged Summer Cortts, the woman in blue, with disorderly conduct and inciting a fight.

     Colleen refused to press charges against her aggressor. Colleen has also just joined Twitter, where she posted this about the fight caught on camera, saying — “This is a young country, built on racism. …. The faster white people accept and validate the truth, the closer we’ll come to a place of peace and understanding. Fighting racism is dependent upon using my white privilege for the right reasons… If you see it, say something. It’s really that simple.”

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