Apple to Unveil iPhone 8 on September 12th

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  • Are you a big fan of talking loudly into your cell phone? Well then, Apple has an incredibly important announcement for you, as they will be revealing their new iPhone, the iPhone 8, on September 12th to the adoration of the Apple adoring masses! The iPhone will be presented in one of Apple’s famed keynotes, and little details about its phone encompassing greatness are leaking into the public sphere.

    For one — wireless charging. I don’t know how it works, but my friends, wireless charging is here on your doorstep like a tiny mewling baby on your doorstep — mewling and such. The wireless charging has been met with a little bit of controversy — as much controversy as charging a phone can be met with. Apparently the charging will be super slow? Look man, this is the future. We just live in it, alright? What else will be announced in the new iPhone? The camera juts out more. It’ll be great, don’t worry! More to be revealed in two weeks!

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