Slo Mo Guys Show Us Slo Mo PAINTBALL CRASH

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  • The Slo Mo Guys are scientists at their purest, like the great experimenters of old their goal is but one and singular — to discover the meaning of the world vis a vis grand experiment. For Marie Curie it was inventing the x-ray, for Einstein, the theory of relativity, and for the paintball guys it’s watching two paintballs crash into each other and explode all big big. The Slo Mo guys do the big paintball crashes big big and we are the better for it.

    We witness all types of paintball explosions. We see paintballs blowing up like fruit, we see paintballs barely missing each other by the skin of their paintball shells — we see and witness it all in the beauty of slo mo. Although, how often do you see paintballs in fast mo (which is short for fast motion). Rarely, right? But here it is in pure slo mo! Aww yeah!

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