New Yorker Gets LEG Stuck in SINKHOLE

Ahh! This is terrifying!
By Alex Firer
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  • Sinkholes seem like an absolutely terrifying thing — remember the scooter rider in China who couldn’t see a randomly forming sinkhole because he was on his cellphone? It’s the surprise that’s the most terrifying, and as much was apparent when a New Yorker got his leg stuck in a mysterious street crossing sinkhole in the city.

    New York fire fighters were quick on the scene to remove the young man’s leg from the sinkhole, as can be seen in the video below, and transported him to the hospital. The man lost his sneaker in the sinkhole, but of course, was lucky that was all that he lost whilst his leg was trapped.

    There has been a great amount of social media from the sinkhole, including multiple photos, and video footage of the firefighters saving the person whose leg fell in. Check it out below.

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