Trump Impressionist Phillip Wilburn Reads #TrumpBackToSchoolTips

Number two pencils losers!? Trump, you have gone too far!
By Alex Firer
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  • I wonder what kind of a student Donald Trump was? What did his teachers have to deal with? Was he as annoying, obnoxious, creepy and problematic as his adult self? And how did Donald Trump go… back to school? Who knows. But Phillip Wilburn (@phillipwilburn), a comedian who, amongst other things, runs the Top Story Weekly show at iO West. Wilburn as Donald Trump reads a collection of tweets giving back to school advice such as blaming Hillary Clinton for cheating if you cheat, bring a “yuge” calculator, and of course, when it all goes to hell, blaming the previous class’ class president.

    And I know that we’ve given Trump a pass for a lot of things, but Wilburn’s Trump calling number 2 pencils losers?! Folks, that is something I simply cannot stomach. Number 2 pencils are winners and will always be winners. Fake parody Tweet reading Trump, you have gone much much too far.

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