Adam Ruins Adam Ruins Everything

Or does this corrections segment make it better? Hmm...
By Alex Firer
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  • Adam Ruins Everything is an incredible show based around our host, Adam Conover, really setting the record straight on a variety of subjects that the general popular just sees wrongly. But what if— what if— WHAT IF— Adam got it wrong!? Gasp! Well, of course he does once in a while, he’s only human! And what’s cool is to see Adam Conover, host of that beloved TruTV show about ruining everything not sparing himself.

    Some of the mistakes made are small but can have big effects— a typo here or there — for example, Adam saying the Empire State Building is 12,000 feet rather than 1,200 feet — and some are kind of ridiculous, such as Adam saying that air marshals stop terrorists (they actually mostly stop drunks — it’s kind of a ridiculous waste of money). In any case, it’s good to see a show so obsessed with holding others’ feet to the fire doing so to itself.

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