By Alex Firer
Oh no! Oh no!!!
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  • There are a lot of reasons not to just drive tanks down the street all willy nilly as if they were just normal every day cars. For one, they are not normal every day cars, those things are huge! Secondly, you ever try to drive a tank alongside a car? Of course you haven’t! That would be ridiculous — as illustrated by this video coming out of Russia of a tank just straight up sideswiping a car. Ughhhh! That poor car! Come on!

    Just when we thought Russian dash cam videos have exhausted our love — our pure love for seeing weird car accidents — here we go with a new one. Bless you, tank hitting a car, for making our days pass just a little bit quicker.

    What do you think of this insane video of a big old tank sideswiping a little tiny car? Pretty insane, right? But how insane. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.