Wait, Why COULDN’T Harvey Dent Recognize Joker in a Nurse’s Mask?

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  • It feels like you’re getting old when the kids these days are pointing out massive nerd potholes in the movies of your generation. Why, I remember watching gen x-ers pick apart Star Wars and whisper “Oh great universe, when will approach my opportunity to really sock it to a movie that shaped my life but big big and good good?” Well, little Alex, that day begins now. Because someone online found a video of Harvey Dent, aka Two Face, in The Dark Knight not recognizing the Joker until he takes off the nurse’s mask that only covers his mouth.

    This is indeed weird because the Joker has one of the most recognizable faces in all of comic-dom, much less real life! Truly, would it not be obvious when a white masked man with dark eyes comes up to you dressed as a nurse, that you would absolutely know who they were?! Although, we gotta give Harvey Dent a break. After all, he WAS just blown up in an explosion where half his face was burnt away with all cleansing gasoline. Give him a break!

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