Woman Covers Herself in BEES for MATERNITY SHOOT

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Expecting mother Emily Mueller took took some of the craziest maternity photos I’ve ever seen. The beekeeper and honey farmer, is pregnant with her fourth child and decided to celebrate in the only way a beekeeper truly can celebrate a baby… By lovingly covering herself with 20 thousand bees. YIKES. Mueller wanted to do something unusual with her maternity photos this time around, so she naturally decided TWENTY THOUSAND bees covering her stomach was a good plan. Great plan. (Kinda thinking its a psychotic plan, but okay).

    She explained that you need to get the bees when they are swarming. Before bees leave their hive to follow their queen, they eat so much it makes them sluggish, and too full to sting.  Once she was in place, husband Ryan shook loose the bees, while Emily grabbed the queen bee in a small cage to attract the swarm to her. This isn’t her first time hanging with the bee hive …. In June, Mueller removed thousands of bees from a medical center building wearing only a tank top and sandals. She was able to remove the bees without incident. Soon, they were getting so many requests for removal, they started a bee rescue service.

    The photographer of the maternity shoot called it a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” Truly special, if you ask me. Very special.

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