YouTubers Who Got Arrested! Part 2

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  • YouTube is great for an array of things — beauty tutorials, life hacks, VLOGs and … getting arrested. We do it for the views, obviously. Pranks are a huge reason YouTube stars get arrested. I mean, if you come up with an insane prank that’ll put you on the map, who cares if it also put’s you behind bars, right? Vitaly is one YouTube star who’s pranks landed him in the smacker. Three times.Things like fake threatening a bomb, climbing the Hollywood sign and booing cops ended with some pretty popular youtube stars in handcuffs.

    While pranks can be fun… These people take it way far. Like WAY far. The Jalal brothers for example, created a video of “prank” drive- by shooting. They used fake ak-47s and used fake gun shot noises to end people into panic mode. Including a young girl and her father. I mean, I know it’s not a real gun but you’ve still gotta be messed up in the mind to find humor in this kind of thing.

    To find out what other YouTube stars ended up behind bars, watch the video above. What do you think of click bait? Let us know in your comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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