Michelle Obama, Others Dress Up As Beyonce for Her BeyDay

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  • In our national conversation, a BeyDay is a very important thing. What is a BeyDay you may ask? Well, a BeyDay is the day all of us — BeyHive or not — meet together to celebrate Beyonce’s birthday and general greatness, and this year the BeyDay was celebrated with something really breath taking and incredible — a collage made up of Beyonce’s very famous best friends all paying homage to the legendary pop star vis a vis references to her legendary look in the Formation music video. And the collage had a lot of famous stars to be sure — Serena Williams amongst them, Kelly Rowland and even Blue Ivy Carter. But the most headline grabbing of them all was — of course — ex First Lady Michelle Obama! One of the few who could rival Beyonce for just greatness and class!

    The collage can be found on Beyonce’s website at https://www.beyonce.com/bday2017/ and it really is a sight to behold, so go behold it why not! All these brilliant women paying homage to one of our greatest celebrity royals. What do you think of all of this though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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