Little Girl Pulls Sword Out Of Same Lake King Arthur Pulled Excalibur

Is she our... new Queen!?
By Alex Firer
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  • The internet is in a tizzy because, let’s face it, we’re in some dark times right now. We need a hero — and we may be getting one a little sooner than we think. Matilda Jones, a nine year old in England, pulled a four foot sword out of the Dozmary Pool in Bodin Moor — aka, the same lake where King Arthur threw the legendary sword Excalibur years before. Gasp! Did this girl just discover Excalibur!? Is she the new Queen of England!? Is the sword Excalibur after all? I don’t know, but check the thing out — it’s certainly majestic if nothing else —

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  • The internet lost its mind over this new royal — this saviour of us all — and there is even fan art of her big sword finding moment. Her dad mentions that it’s all the crazier considering he just read the girl and her sister the story of King Arthur very recently — gasp! It’s fate, I tell you! Fate! Fate!

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