Barack Obama Responds To Trump’s DACA Rescinding

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  • In a presidency known for its many cruelties, today will rank amongst one of the cruelest and most gutless in the bigoted presidential administration of Donald Trump. Jeff Sessions approached the podium and announced that Donald Trump has just ended DACA — which stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” — the action of which would allow children who entered this country illegally with their parents to stay in America. As part of the deal they have to have a clean record — so 100% of them have no criminal records and 91% of them are gainfully employed. There were DACA participants saving people in Houston and there were DACA participants are in every avenue of our lives. There are about 800,000 of them, and after Donald Trump’s repeal they are in incredibly real danger of being sent back.

    The reasons for Trump’s repeal of DACA I’m sure have to do with his mostly racist policy on immigration. However, Barack Obama, who put the policy together, responded, calling it a moral decision and saying it is contrary to common sense, as it won’t bring back any jobs, lower anyone’s wages or any of the dumb myths Donald Trump’s administration would perpetrate about this. The full statement can be read below.

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