Rick and Morty Voice Actor Prank Phone Calls Joel Osteen Prayer Line

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  • Joel Osteen, the famed televangelist, has been in the news recently for refusing — then ultimately giving in when the shame was extreme — to let displaced Houston Hurricane Harvey survivors into his massive mega church. Meanwhile, Justin Roiland is the co-creator and voice of both Rick and Morty — one of the most acclaimed satirical comedies in recent years. You think the two shan’t never meet? Well, you are but a fool! Because on H3H3’s podcast (very helpfully titled H3) Justin Roiland called Joel Osteen’s prayer line as Rick just to see what happens. And folks, the results were so much odder than anyone could have predicted.

    The call starts normally enough — with the person on the prayer line maybe recognizing the voice of Rick, maybe not — and then the call kicks into high gear when Justin Roiland asks the prayer line operator how much she gets paid. The prayer line operator immediately gets flustered and starts talking in tongues as Justin Roiland tries to get her to say anything else. He finally gets her to laugh when he himself starts talking in tongues, but boy oh boy! What a ridiculous phone call!

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