Man Takes Photo of Self Every Day From Age 12 to Wedding Day

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  • So this is kind of interesting. In the beginning of the YouTube era we suddenly had a trend of videos where it seemed unlikely so many people would have made the same kind, yet there we were—with dozens of people having taken a photo of themselves every day so we can see them age in real time. It was bananas, but this video is interesting as well — it was obviously started around that trend when the person in question was 12!

    Indeed, Hugo Cornellier took a photo of himself every day from February 2008, when he was 12— to August, 2017 when he got married. We can watch an awkward pre teen grow up before our very eyes — although equally surprising, did he get married at 21? Way to go Hugo! You got married very young! And let us see a human face aging very quickly. Good work!

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