Seth Meyers Comes Back with A CLOSER LOOK on Trump and DACA

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  • Seth Meyers has been — along with Stephen Colbert — one of the greatest and most vocal political commentators and critics of the Donald Trump administration, and his covering of Donald Trump’s weirdness during Hurricane Harvey and his ending of DACA. Seth Meyers starts by pointing out that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to load a car (he just lugged around a big canister and dropped it in someone’s lap) and him seemingly being impressed by the hurricane and holding a prayer service where he just made all of these priests praise him instead. Lovely, and on brand.

    However, Seth Meyers’ harshest words are for Donald Trump — and the heroes he betrays with his rescinding of DACA — many of whom risked their lives to help those displaced by Houston. Trump’s haphazard ham fisted attempts to pass massive immigration reform that would end in immigrants’ lives being ruined — with DACA recipients being people who have been here since they were so young. Seth Meyers also points out that Trump has promised to keep DACA around during his campaign. But this is all from a very formless president whose only point of view seems to be racism. Terrible work everyone.

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