These Braided Eyebrows Drove The Internet CRAZY

How did she do it!?
By Alex Firer
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  • Eyebrows trends are becoming ridiculous. Earlier this week we got squiggly eyebrows which took the internet by storm, but now this image of braided eyebrows — eyebrows which seem to resemble braided hair — are confounding the internet. How did she do it!? How did she get such precise use of the eyebrow hair follicles?! How how how!? How do you even get your eyebrows that long!? This is some dark magic, say I! This is what I say! So how did this woman get to braid her eyebrows so expertly.

    Well, she didn’t. It’s photoshop. But it didn’t stop the internet from absolutely losing its mind at the sight of these braided beauties. I guess you can create a little eyebrow wig for above your eyes? Maybe? Right? Possibly? Look. If you want braided eyebrows so bad, I promise you, you’ll find a way.

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