New South Park Game Gets Harder Depending On Your Characters’ Race

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  • It’s incredible that after all these years, South Park can still cut to the core with an incisive message — and in their upcoming video game South Park: The Fractured But Whole (heheh), South Park’s superhero RPG, Eurogamer realized when playing an early copy of it that choosing the difficulty changes your character’s race. The easiest level is white, and the hardest level is black. Damn. As you choose the race Cartman goes — “Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life.” And indeed, that turns out to be true in the game. Along with your race, you can also choose wether or not your character is cis or transgender, and that decision impacts how much money your character makes in the game and how people talk to you. It’s a powerful commentary on our incredibly broken world.

    After the news broke about this Ubisoft — the publisher behind the game — released a statement saying the characters’ race won’t actually impact the difficulty. It’s a biting joke in the game. Indeed.

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