Child Saves Brother Thanks to ‘San Andreas’ Movie, Meets The Rock

By Alex Firer
  • Jacob O’Conner saved his 2-year-old brother’s life imitating The Rock’s character in ‘San Andreas,’ and now The Rock has flown him to Vancouver for an on-set visit.

    In San Andrea, The Rock plays a rescue chopper-pilot, who saves his daughter with CPR. Last month, Jacob O’Conner saved his brother’s life mimicking what he learned from The Rock.

    Jacob found his two-year-old brother floating in his grandmother’s pool, pulled him out, and began giving him CPR, learning how to do CPR because of San Andreas, as the Rock discusses it.

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  • The Rock was so moved by this story, he invited Jacob to visit the set of his new movie “Skyscraper.” The Rock gave Jacob, his other brother Gavin, and mother Christa a tour of the set of Skyscraper. The boys also go to go wild on the snacks at craft services.

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