Stephen Colbert Imagines Steve Bannon in STREET FIGHTER

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  • Ah Colbert, we missed you so! We needed your biting wit, your beautiful take on these miserable, miserable times we’re living in. Along with Seth Meyers, his return means more of that sweet sweet satire and commentary! Oo, give it to us baby — and give it to us he does in the form of this monologue about recently let go White House advisor (and, Stephen Colbert quips, before proactiv model) Steve Bannon who is getting ready to go on Charlie Rose for a candid interview. What super racist thing will alt right goon Steve Bannon say on Charlie Rose? Gosh, who’s to say! We’ll find out soon! In the meanwhile, Colbert digs into Bannon’s more recent media appearances, such as when he said that churches were supporting DACA — the program Trump recently rescinded that would have kept immigrants who came here illegally before the age of sixteen in America — because they want to fill up their pews. Okay Bannon. Keep your brand alive.

    Bannon also called himself a street fighter on 60 Minutes so Colbert did the only logical thing he could— put him right in the video game and have him fight Chun Li. Of course, a white supremacist like Steve Bannon in such a diverse game is a hell of a thing, but watching everyone beat him up would be fun.

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