Corgi Tries To Share Bone With Mirror Reflection

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  • Ah, a true gentleman dog! He will share his meal with any weary traveler who comes across his steps, including — why— this reflection of a dog!? Yes, watch and have your heart swell as this dog is so generous that upon seeing its own reflection within the mirror it lies down and gives this beautiful reflection dog a taste of its own medicine — which in this case is a tasty bone! Does the dog not realize that the dog in the reflection is actually him?

    What a potent metaphor! For when you do kind things for someone you also do it for yourself— and the mirror yourself you see before you! The reflection — is it us? Is it the opposite of us? Is it us in the future? The options are plentiful and grand, but if you’re a dog you love two things — chewing your bone. And sharing your bones. That bone is great.

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