Hermit Crab Wearing Baby’s Head Terrifies All

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    Source: imgur.com / Via: imgur.com

  • Littering is a great problem for the marine life in our world, and as the Earth continues to be strewn about in a variety of tragic problems for it, and amongst those is, obviously, the act of hermit crabs picking up tiny baby heads and crawling around in them like tiny little baby faced monsters. Ahhhh! Forget the polar bear on the ice flow! If you want to convince people that environmental change is an emergency then this is it. Storms in Florida and Texas and a picture of a crab crawling around with a little thrown out baby head.

    Many pointed out that this crab wearing a baby’s head resembles the Toy Story character “Babyhead”, the leader of the mutants in Sid’s room in Toy Story. Our thoughts? It’s just a super spooky crab, my man. Appreciate it, understand it, and then run in fear from it. The crab baby head man shall haunt all.

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