Twitter Reacts to Hurricane Irma

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  • After Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas two weeks ago, we thought we’d seen the worse of the flooding. Hurricane Irma has come in hot though, turning Florida into a scene straight out of a disaster movie. Twitter user Killarney Knight posted a video of the floods racing the streets in downtown Miami where you can see the water swallowing skyscrapers. Other users have been quick to point out that that the Miami River makes the flooding shown in the video seem worse than it is, and that parts of the city aren’t as submerged as the streets shown in the post.

    The hurricane already proved it’s power when it swept through the Caribbean, devastating the islands. While many Floridians prepared for the flooding and being stuck in their homes with no electricity, many are more worried about the possible tornadoes from the insane winds that have reached up to 140mph. Twitter is full of gruesome pictures and videos of Hurricane Irma:

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  • Our thoughts are with everyone being effected by Irma and everyone who was effected by Harvey. Do you guys have any photos or videos from the storms? Let us know in the comments or at @whatstrending on Twitter!

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