The eighth grade students were being punished for not being able to write down classical poems from memory
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  • A disturbing video surfaced the internet over the weekend of a teacher in China slapping over 30 of his students. The video was shot on the first day of school, showing the “warm” welcome the teacher gave to his students. When the middle school teacher asked his eighth grade students to write down classical poetry from memory, it is no surprise, they made mistakes… because, duh. For each mistake a student made, the teacher punished them with one slap to the face. One student caught the incident on camera and reported that a total of 38 kids were hit. One student’s grandmothers, Sun Suying spoke out about her granddaughter being too young to tell her about the experience. “When I heard about it and asked her to open her mouth, I saw her teeth bleeding,” she said.

    When the video went viral on Chinese social media, many people were horrified while others were justifying the teachers actions. The teacher was suspended and made to go door-to-door apologizing to the students and their guardians.

    Ah, this is a very hard to watch video for anyone and I think we can all agree that hitting children across the face is not okay. What do you guys think of the incident? Let us know in the comments or at @whatstrending on Twitter!