Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker Reflects on Decade of Internet Fame

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  • Chris Crocker was internet famous back when that was a novelty thing. Back when dramatic woodchuck was all the rage and “Oppa Gagnam Style” was just a gleam in its father’s (who is Psy) eye. The video of Chris Crocker crying over the media’s — admittedly unfair — treatment of Britney Spears took the internet by storm and was known as “Leave Britney Alone”. The video launched ten years ago yesterday, and Chris Crocket took a moment to reflect on his thoughts and feelings about his fame — and his thoughts are a lot more serious and introspective than you might expect.

    Chris Crocker mentioned that the video came out of a lot of his stress seeing his mother struggle with addiction and homelessness after serving in Iraq, and seeing a woman as strong as Britney treated so poorly triggered a reaction in him. More so, he also reflected how he was ahead of the game of being an openly LGBTQ YouTuber, and how people in media at the time mocked him for it. The full statement can be read below.

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