Look at the ORIGINAL Lilo and Stitch Cut CHANGED After 9/11

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  • The tragedies of 9/11 were inescapable. The day changed culture completely — to the way we discuss tragedy, to what we fear, to even changing our pop culture. Many who were alive then would remember how certain pop cultures had to scramble to quickly edit and change their work — Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man had to digitally remove the World Trade Center from the background of its shots, and Lilo and Stitch had to reanimate an entire sequence involving a commercial airplane chasing a spaceship and ultimately — and shockingly — landing on a building resembling a New York skyscraper as its wheels peel away the glass on its surface.

    The sequence that came into theaters in 2002 was replaced with the familiar red and white spaceship that Stitch came in on doing more or less the same maneuvers, and the film ended up being a family classic and the last great Disney hand drawn feature. Still, it’s chilling to remember back to that confusing era when no one was sure what to do, what was right, and the country was at its most sensitive as we tried to figure out how to move forward. It’s weird how a short sequence from Lilo and Stitch brings it all back.

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